Laurie Larsen

Bloomfield, Nebraska- Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Harmony Vocals


 Laurie’s start on the road was with the all girl band “Patches” in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.  Patches was a finalist in the Country Wrangler Showdown and represented Nebraska in Nashville in 1984.  Her favorite music is well rounded from Patsy Cline to Trick Pony to Tricia Yearwood to all the favorite Classic Rock hits. Laurie loves to entertain, enjoys the people and watching them laugh and have fun – it is her passion to keep people tapping their toes, smiling and asking for more.

Ken  Atwood
Forestburg, South Dakota – Drums, Lead & Harmony Vocals 


  I refused to play in school bands because they forced you to read music. I did have quite a few years of Glee Club and Chorus, though. That was fun most of the time. On the other hand, I never let my parent’s distain or my lack of note reading steer me away from my endeavor. If there are parents reading this, and your child shows musical interest, don’t put them down for it. Get them playing! Music can be very therapeutic. It’s helped me through some terrible times in my life, particularly when I lost my late wife to brain cancer in 1999. There are still some songs I have trouble listening to, but there are many others that make me smile as I remember the good times. I moved to South Dakota from Massachusetts in 1974. 50’s & 60’s Do-Wop music is my favorite. I like Country-Western, along with Big Band and some Classical, too. Drums are my primary instrument. A friend I went to school with started me on drums at the age of 14. All he did was show me how to hold the sticks. I drove his parents crazy. For the next year, I was over at his house practicing every weekend, 4-6 hours a day. I’d pile a stack of 45RPM records on the old Stereo and start out one limb at a time until I could put it all together. I turned professional on my 15th birthday, making 50 bucks for the gig. Remember, this was 1966. I couldn’t imagine anyone paying me for playing an instrument. I figured I was onto something good! I was 20 before managing to buy a small drum set of my own. I always borrowed equipment to play on. I bought a big Ludwig Rocker II set in 1987, and I still own it. Incidentally, I never sang and played drums until almost 20 years after first learning to play. Learning to sing AND play took awhile. It was tantamount to starting over again! There used to be quite a few singing drummers around here. Most of them left around the Sioux Falls area over the course of time. There are probably 3 more besides me that are left, if that. I now primarily use an Alesis DM-10 Studio electronic set. Much easier to carry around, but I still miss my old acoustic set quite a bit. Bass guitar is the other instrument I know and love. I was 38 years old before I got a bass and a book and taught myself to play one. I own four of them. I still have my first bass. It’s an mint old Electra 4-string and it plays like a dream. The second is an Ibanez Roadstar II. The third one is a Fender P-Bass Lyte with active pickups. It’s the sweetest 4-string I’ve ever played and one that people constantly try to buy from me after they’ve tried it themselves. The last one is my Ibanez Active Pickup SR405 5-String. It’s my favorite of all of them. I’ve never had a lesson in my life on either instrument. Music teachers and purists aside, not reading teaches a person to improvise. It’s a skill that has served me well during my professional career. I’ve played with many other bands over the years. The late Merle Powell, his son, Kenny Powell, the late Steve Ransom, Steve Gardner, the late Curt Powell, the old Rural Route 1 band, Howie Gamber, The Impostors, Johnny Raymond, Tony Best, Gary Wilson & The Usual Suspects, and The Regulators, to name a few. I owned and managed 3 of my own bands in the past as well. Believe me, it’s MUCH easier playing for someone else, as a rule. I’ve sat in with many more. As long I can use my hands, feet and voice, I have no intention of quitting the music biz! For the last 8 years, I’ve had the joy and honor to be associated with The OutBack Band from Bloomfield, NE. They’ve become my adopted family and I love them all. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing this before I retire for good, but for what time I have left, I’ll gladly have fun spending it with Gil, Laurie, Jan, Howard and Dave.

Howard Grimm

Lynch, Nebraska – Keyboard and Vocals


      Elvis Presley and his guitar was a big influence in the mind of this young wannabe musician so the piano was put by the wayside in favor of a string instrument. The sixties Rock ‘n’ Roll scene found Howard performing onstage, much to his enjoyment, but even that came to an end when Uncle Sam invited him into the Vietnam conflict.  Marriage, child rearing and ranching put the brakes on Howard’s music career for a while but an invitation to get involved with music once again arose, when he was able to perform with his son in a local Nebraska country dance band 20 years ago. Howard has been playing ever since and the electric keyboard has become his favorite instrument.

 Jan Grimm

Lynch, Nebraska – Bass Guitar and Vocals



      Jan started taking lessons from a professional guitarist. So far, “he has not dismissed me,” she says, “so I must be doing something right.”

     Music was not her first love, but was always a part of her life. Now Jan enjoys backing some wonderful people who keep her very busy.  Her quick humor, friendly smile and contagious laugh are a joy to the crowd.

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Tim White

Beresford, South Dakota- Lead Guitar,Keyboard,Vocals



    Studied music under Fred Baranyai, solo Clarinetist for the St. Louis Symphony, during High School.  Graduated (Army, Navy, Marine Corp) School of Music, in Norfolk, Virginia.  Served in the 282nd Army Band at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, and 79th Army Band in Panama.  Performed in several bands of different genres.  Retired now, and lives in this area close to family/grandkids.  See ya on the dance floor!